Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A sense of camaraderie and pride

Where is your Tupperware drawer/cupboard? Mine is under the oven (now a new oven, 11 functions no less - very intimidating ... but I digress). When we left Dahlia Street I actually culled quite a bit of "tupperware". I put the word in inverted commas because it wasn't all real Tupperware. I had some fakes - take-away containers, some cheap plastic things that were out of shape and often lid-less and quite a few items that I wasn't using anymore.
Now my Tupperware drawer is organised, tidy and is a mixture of the real thing and some imitations.

Why am I telling you this? Well - Rob has been asking me for ages to bake him a sponge cake. Now, modestly speaking, I'm pretty good at making cakes (ask my family) but a sponge? Uh - no. So for ages I've been trying to sidetrack him, throw him off the scent. I even convinced him that really, it wasn't a sponge cake he wanted, it was a madeira cake. Yes Rob - it is a plain cake.
But with a new oven comes new enthusiasm and a desire to try something .... new. So onto taste.com and voila - "Easy Sponge Cake". I was ready for the challenge.
I am happy to report that now Rob has his sponge cake - finally - and can eat it too. I was so pleased with the end result that I posted a picture on Facebook for all the world to see. And said sponge was proudly and unashamedly displayed on a Tupperware cake storer (I think that's what it's called, but am happy to be corrected). And not a new ansty-fancy one either - no new shades of pastel or vibrant fluro. It was the old, or should I say 'classic' yellow that was once the colour of Tupperware.

My friend Trish noticed and commented. And got me thinking. Everyone knows Tupperware. I don't know about you but I am regularly bombarded on Facebook with requests to 'share' pages that depict old Tupperware items. It was even a topic in a Seinfeld episode - remember Kramer and the 'burp'?
There's something comfortable and familiar about it - nostalgic. One of the first toys I bought for Hannah and Alana was the Shape-O ball - and they love it. Just as Ford Festiva owners have a sense of camaraderie and pride (apparently) when they see another Festiva on the road, so too do Tupperware users.
Oh yes, I've been tempted by imitators over the years - who hasn't? - with their fancy promises and claims of keeping our sandwiches fresh and our muffins moist. But has anyone yet come up with anything comparable to the meat marinator, the lettuce saver, the chicken storer thing and the olives container with the middle bit that lifts up and brings the olives out of the oil and brine? I'm sure the answer is NO! And if they have, well ... pfft
Tupperware - worthy of its own space in the kitchen, be it a drawer or a shelf in the cupboard. Tupperware - worthy of being labelled so that it doesn't get lost in the lunch room or mixed up with someone else's container. Tupperware - worthy of being sold exclusively in your own home while we sip on champagne and taste food that has been kept fresh in a display set that the hostess will win if everyone buys up big and books a party.
I know it's expensive, I know that there are other products that may do the same job but really has anyone ever heard of a D├ęcor drawer?

Life is good.

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