Monday, July 18, 2011

Ailan Kores - what an experience!

I don't know where to start. Do I start from when Rob and I walked to Anzac Park and were met with the most amazing site - food stalls; tents; people strolling through - chatting, meeting friends; family groups sitting together on the grass - an atmosphere of friendship, fun, anticipation.

Anzac Park looked a treat
Do I start from when Rob gave me a good-luck kiss and I went backstage to wait for our big moment? Alison our choir director gathered the choir and took us through a few warming up exercises ..... la-la-la-la-la-la-la :-) 

We had to stop then because the children's choir was about to take the stage - and didn't they do themselves proud? In fact one of their songs was the Taylor Hick's hit "Do I make you proud?" - yes kids, you did :-)

Alison conducting the Youth Choir
As with any special event there are always formalities - and thankfully these were kept to a minimum. The governor, Penelope Wensley, officially opened the festival.
From left to right: Governor Penelope Wensley, Deborah Conway (concert organiser), Bishop Mabo, Mayor Pedro Stephens (addressing the crowd) and the MC - sorry don't know his name but he was good :-) 
Do I start from when we walked onto the stage and took our places and felt the buzz of a performance about to start? "Torres Strait is our home ....." the chorus of our opening number "Green White and Blue" sung by the composer Cygnet Repu - a stirring song that warmed up the crowd and got us all in the mood. 

Cygnet Repu, composer of "Green, white and blue"
See the woman in yellow to the right? Well that's me behind her - I'm wearing green
The rest of the evening flowed just as we had rehearsed and after each song or hymn I felt uplifted and happy.

Soloists: Gregory Moore, Shelli Hulcombe, Brett Holland, Kathleen Lamont
Conductor: Peter Morris
Not very clear but this is me in full singing mode - pink glasses and all :-) I'm behind the singer in the yellow dress. The woman in front of me to the right, with the frangipani in her hair, is Rosie Barkus. Rosie designed the floral backdrops and the motifs on the female soloists' costumes.

The choir of the Torres Strait and the Queensland Youth Orchestra
The green dress complete with frangipani hairpiece
Apparently during the night my face flashed up onto the big screen a couple of times. I was told that I looked like I was enjoying myself - I was !!!!! I had an absolute ball :-)

Last night was an experience - another wonderful Thursday Island experience - something I will never forget. You know what I'm going to say next don't you?

Yes ...... life is good.

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  1. Uplifting, inspiring and all things happy! What a wonderful experience. And yes, it's times like these one can truly say that is good. :)