Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A bit of temp work

When I got back from Brisbane I knew that I would have some time on my hands before I started work at the school. So I did a walk around to a couple of businesses on the island to ask for a bit of temp work.

The hardware store was looking for a casual but she needed someone to be on call to work until Christmas, not just for the next three weeks. I then walked across to Ilan Café to see Mikey - we’d spoken last year about the possibility of me working with him but it never came to fruition - and then I got a job at the high school, so it didn't matter anyway.

Mikey greeted me warmly – as usual – and I asked did he need any help for the next couple of weeks. Yes, he could use some help, he’d call me. And he did :-)

So Monday morning at 10am I walked into Ilan Cafe ready, willing and able to do the coffee shop waltz. Having had my own catering business in the past I immediately felt at home behind the counter and in the kitchen.

First things first - wash up. Then look around to clear tables. Meanwhile John, the barista,  was calling 'drinks out' so deliver the coffees etc. Mikey was busy in the kitchen preparing and plating up his delicious lunch menu which, once ready, he announces by ringing the bell. It's go go go - and it's fun fun fun :-)

Then as suddenly as it starts it slows down and by 2.30pm we have stopped serving, tables are cleared of centre pieces, cakes covered and put away, washing up is nearing completion, floors are swept and bucket of soapy water is at the ready for the final mop down.

At 3pm we sit - or in my case I flopped - and we choose something delicious from the kitchen for "lunch". By now though I've consumed about 3 cappuccinos so while I'm not starving I could do with some food to soak up the caffeine :-)

Ilan Cafe is a little oasis on T.I. It's part of the Gab Titui Cultural Centre and Mikey has made it into the type of meeting place that we all flock to when we want to chill out and experience something different. Mothers with babies and toddlers love it as Mikey provides cushions and mats so they can sit on the grassed area and enjoy the coffee shop experience while their children play.

Ilan Cafe - John (left) and Mikey

The very relaxing and beautiful garden at the Gab Titui Ilan Cafe
Yesterday, before it got too busy, I spent a bit of time in the kitchen helping Mikey do some prep - and I loved it. I didn't realise how much I've missed working in that environment - there's something about all that stainless steel :-)

Did I say I was starting work at the high school? Ummm .....

Life is ..... like a cappuccino

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  1. Oh I would like to sit in that garden and enjoy a relaxing coffee or two!