Saturday, December 10, 2011

My TI friends

I'm loving being home. I love our little house, green leafy garden, welcoming front deck and the lovely array of potted plants that give it a warm , friendly feel.

True - it's still early days. I'm used to leaving the rock every three to four months, staying here a few weeks and then heading back. So I guess the test will be in January when my body clock will be getting ready to go north ..... and I don't.

TI is still vivid in my mind - the streets, the beach, the church. And the people - the beautiful, gentle, loving people - our wonderful friends who supported us for better or worse, in sickness and in health till McDonalds ferry do us part.

My friends:
Ron, Robyn and Ben
When I met this loving family I was immediately taken by their generosity. When Rob and I had to leave the pilot house, Robyn without hesitation offered us a place in their house. Robyn - I'll miss your blingy glasses and your smile. Ron - I'll miss your stories. And Ben - I'll just miss you.

Jan and Colin
Fun, loud, down to earth, caring ..... and mad - that's Jan. When Rob spent time in hospital after he'd hurt his back, Jan and Colin were regular visitors. It was also not unusual to have them call in of an afternoon while out on their daily walk. And it wasn't unusual for them to sometimes stay and share a glass of wine - great company and good fun.

Jan and I doing our thing at the Wongai Ball. She loves wearing red - it's her colour. She's also mad, loud, fun and a good friend.
Accommodation on TI is very hard to come by, and when I was thinking of staying on TI while Rob commuted around the globe, Marina kindly offered me a room in her house. I'm kind of sorry I'm not going back now - I think we would have had fun.

Pat Jones
This lady is an island identity. Pat is not ..... young, but gosh I wish I had half her energy and drive. She is actively involved in Rotary, the church, teaches RE at the primary school, volunteers at the nursing home, babysits her grandchidren regulary and helps out whenever and wherever she can. A very generous, warm lady.

Creative, fun and generous Nola is one of the very first friends that I made on TI. She couldn't come to drinks on Tuesday night because she was home making me a necklace.

On the wharf with Nola saying farewell to Peter - my dancing partner.
My island sister
Zipporah - Zippy, Zips - my sissy. I knew of Zippy before I met her - her brother Patrick was one of the coxswains at Reef Pilots where Rob was working at the time. He told me he had a sister who worked at the high school and once I started working there I would see her around the campus.

This year we ended up in the same staff room office - and apart from the fact that I absolutely loved my job, it was Zippy who made me want to come to work every single day :-) To say that we clicked is an understatement. We were so in sync - we felt each other's joy, pain, delights, frustrations and fun. We had a lot of fun.

I miss her already and can't wait for her to come and visit ... after all, we are family :-)

My sissy Zipporah - see the resemblance?

My TI friends, my wonderful TI friends ....... life is good!

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