Sunday, December 11, 2011

TI Wharf

My friends - you're going to have to induge me for a little bit longer. I still have so much of TI in me and I want so much to share it with everybody.

Last Wednesday came too fast for me. It was a bitter sweet day - bitter for the leaving of my island home and sweet for the homecoming awaiting me back here. The day dawned very overcast and grey and by the time I'd had breakfast and finished packing it was pouring rain. The wet season is about to start - if it hasn't already. I told Rob that TI was crying because I was leaving - he sort of laughed :-)

All too soon Maggie arrived in the Silverleaf Taxi. This is a great service - the two ferry services, McDonalds and Rebel, also provide free taxi pick up from either wharf to house or house to wharf. We always used McDonalds - you always got a smile and a bit of friendly banter - and that goes a along way anywhere.

Last Christmas Eve when I left the island to meet up with Rob in Cairns, I caught the ferry and was greeted by the crew wearing Christmas decorations and handing out candy canes. Once on board we were treated to cold drinks - beer, wine and soft drinks - and a cheese platter.

Daniel, who owns and runs the service with his wife Rhonda, is a graduate of Tagai high school and is truly  a role model to our students. In fact, a few of the kids have part-time jobs with McDonalds as crew members.

McDonalds ferry - a great way to get to TI. You can also hire the ferry for twilight cruises, either fully catered or BYO food. Downstairs is quite roomy once the seating has been removed.
The wharf was very crowded that day - lots of people were leaving, most of them teachers. Our much loved principal Craig and his family was also leaving TI after 17 years on the island. He and his wife Robyn met, married and had their family here - they are such a big part of this community ..... and the community came out in force to say goodbye.

Friends came to farewell Craig (front left wearing black) and Robyn (cute blond lady next to him).
And I had a small contingent come too - Prainy, Nola, Zips ... oh, and Rob :-)

David and Rob. David is the fire chief on TI. I met him through Rotary but actually knew of him before I went to the island - we have a mutual friend.
Nola and Zips - two of my favourite people

Gosh, I'm going to miss her. How will I cope? What's it all about? I'm so lucky - she's the best thing that's ever happened to me.
All too soon, the ferry arrived, we boarded and it pulled out on its way to Horn Island. I've done that trip quite a few times now - and I always come back. It felt surreal - is this really the last time I pull away from the wharf?

No - it's a small yawo - "small goodbye" ....... life is good

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