Thursday, December 16, 2010


I don't normally post every day - but I just wanted to share with you the wonderful evening I've had tonight. There's an amazing cafe at the pier - Mondo - it's part of the Hilton hotel. And I discovered it quite by accident.

I was actually on my way to the marina to have a drink and maybe a meal at one of the other restaurants. While I was watching for the turnoff I noticed a grassed area with tables and chairs. So, I wandered over ......
Mondo - a garden of Eden in Cairns

OMG - it was a paradise, a garden of eden in this already beautiful city that is Cairns. I took a table with water views - well, actually they all have water views, but mine was the best :-) The cafe overlooks the river and part of the marina, the mountains are just over there, boats are dotted everywhere. A cruise ship cruised by as we sat and enjoyed the scenery. I just had to ring Rob - he told me that it had been in T.I. a couple of days ago and that one of our pilots is on board to take it through the reef. I wonder ... did he see me waving?
The cruise ship that just cruised by

I have enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine, a cheese platter and a special indonesian rice with chicken satays. Totally indulgent and soul nurturing. I sat for two and a half hours just soaking it all in - the scenery, the atmosphere, the music, the food and the night.

My friends - this trip is the best thing that I have done for myself in a long time. I can't wait to get back to Rob. I have a big sloppy wet kiss just waiting to plant on him.

Life is good.

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