Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wongai Ball 2011

Last night Rob and I dressed up, put on our dancing shoes, met up with friends at the PKA hall and got ready for a night of good food, good company, fine wine and great music. It was the Wongai Ball!

The Wongai Ball is the major fund raiser for Our Lady of the Sacred Heart primary school. Helen Kett, principal extraordinaire, puts in a lot of hours before the event - organising, selling tickets on Saturday mornings outside Col Jones, preparing the hall on the day and then sort of enjoying herself on the night while keeping an eye on things and making sure it all runs smoothly. It does :-)

All dressed up and somewhere to go :-)
The amazing Margaret See Kee and her wonderful family - husband Anthony, son DJ and daughter Cecelia Mary - put on a spread fit for a king. DJ obliges by providing his Mum with fresh seafood caught that week, crays being his speciality. Margaret does the rest, ably assisted by members of the family and friends.

I would be remiss if I did not mention Chi Chi who worked all night in the kitchen while looking very glamorous and chic in her outfit. It was good to see them eventually get out and have a dance or two before going back to clean up and finish up.

The amazing buffet catered by the See Kee family
And while I missed my very flamboyant dancing partner, Peter, I still managed to get my dancing fix with two lovely men. My wonderful Rob managed a few slow dances in spite of his painful back - and the lovely Mikey twirled me around for a bit of latinesque (is that a word? - it is now) style dancing which made me feel great.

Doing the macarena - yes! even on T.I. - with Cathy (blond hair), Jan (in red) and Julie (in front of me wearing black pants, black and white top).

Shakin' my booty. Where are the men?
We got home just before midnight - tired, happy, sore feet, glad we went and looking forward to going again next year ...... if we're still here.

Having a ball on T.I. - life is good :-)

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