Sunday, February 21, 2010

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Kacee - our beautiful cavoodle pup of nearly 3 years - is lying on the couch and looking at me with those soulful, doggy eyes. She wants a walk. She figures that by staring at me and following me around like a shadow - getting underfoot and scrambling every time I move or take a deep breath - that she'll wear me down and I'll take her out. She's right :) But I like to mess with her head so I'll make her wait until I'm good and ready. Won't be long Kacee - after I finish blogging (sigh)

Yesterday I experienced how a change in attitude can make what I thought would be a routine Sunday afternoon training session turn into a positive, uplifting event. After arriving, registering, finding my seat in the auditorium and wishing I was somewhere else, I started to pick up on the vibes of those around me. They were eager and happy to be there, looking forward to an afternoon of shared knowledge and new experiences.

When the session began I was still in a closed frame of mind, but little by little, as I listened to what was being said, I could hear that some of this stuff was of benefit to me. I could use this knowledge, these tips, these ideas. I started to open up.

I gained the same from the next session. I probably only took away 2 things from all that was said in the second hour - but, gosh, 2 invaluable hints that I can use later when I have the need.

I came home very positive and thankful that I had made the effort to attend. It reminded me that I have a choice in everything that I do - a choice towards a good experience or a choice to make it bad and sad. Thankfully I chose the first option.

Life is good :)

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