Monday, February 22, 2010

There's a tree outside my window and it seems to be the venue for a breakfast convention for birds. There's a gathering of rosellas (they're the multi coloured ones aren't they?) and miners (the grey and yellow ones). As you can see I know a lot about birds :) It's a beautiful sight.

Oh - and there's a bumble bee hovering around me because it can't seem to find the open window so it can join its friends. I may have to help it :)

Lots of blessings today. It's a reunion day and a celebration day. A reunion with a friend who now lives in another town and a celebration of another's birthday. The blessing for me is in the celebration of our friendship and the reunion of 3 women who have faced different trials and emotional upheavals and who have come through to the other side.

I know there'll be lots of laughter, support and a few quiet times as we share a deep and meaningful moment. We'll agree and disagree - and agree to disagree. But tonight as we take leave of each other the bonds of friendship will be that little bit stronger and even more special than what they were this morning.

Yes - life is good.

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