Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where we live 2

IBIS - this is where Rob works. The shop is in Douglas Street which is the main street of the island. All other major businesses are also on this street. There are 3 IBIS stores on the island - this is the main one. Our units are directly behind the shop.

The driveway to the right of the shop leads to our place. And to the right again you can see a bit of the service station which is also run by IBIS. There are 2 servos on the island. The other is run by See Hops - IBIS's opposition in both groceries and fuel.

This is on the other side of our back gate. It is the premises of the Torres Shire Regional Authority TSRA. After hours the lane way at the other end is closed. However we have discovered a way through - sorry,  I can't tell you :-)

The view at the end of the lane way - about 5 seconds from our back gate :-) This is part of the beautiful T.I. foreshore Can you see the colour of the water? Aquamarine - it's stunning isn't it? Horn Island is in the distance.
No words today - the pictures say it all :-)

Life is good!

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