Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Where we live

Our front deck

Our unit - Zoe in the front yard. Well it's not much of a yard yet but will be once the grass grows :-)
This is the unit where we live. There's actually 3 units in the whole conplex - ours is at the back and separated from the other two by a deck and a doorway. The other units share the larger deck and have three bedrooms, our unit has two bedrooms.

The larger deck shared by the other two units - looking towards our place

The door on the left leads to the other units and deck

A regional manager occupies one of the units when he visits and backpackers, employed by IBIS, live in the other.

So - our little complex here is a sort of mini United Nations. We have Georgina from Canada, Nikki from Britain, Yves from Belgium, Frederick and Ebba from Sweden, Rob from Yaraman in Queensland, Silvana and Kacee from Brisbane and Zoe from Horn Island :-)

There's lots of coming and goings during the day, but nights - thankfully - are quiet. The most noise comes from the Torres Hotel across the road - Thursday and Friday nights are karaoke - and from the alarm of the neighbouring business when it sometimes goes off during the night.

Kacee likes living here too. At first it was a bit lonely but now her sister is back and she has someone to play with when Rob and I go out. And the backpackers - well they just love her, so lots of pats, cuddles and all the attention she desires :-)

I've made this place home. Our stuff is here, our pets are here, our life - for now - is here and more importantly our heart is here too.

Life is good.

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