Sunday, July 11, 2010

Choices 2

Yesterday was not one of my better days. And while venting my frustrations at Rob, he patiently (how I hate that) reminded me that I had a choice - I could continue on with my tantrum or I could calmly (me? calm?) do something about it. Well if nothing else, it made me stop and think.

Now I don't say that I did calm down, but I got changed, packed a bag with water, fruit, a book and sunscreen and walked to the foreshore to sit on the grass, watch the water and read. Bit by bit I felt myself become calmer and my breathing become slower. I would have stayed longer but Rob rang from one of the pilot boats and asked me to help him co-ordinate a pick-up for an injured seaman.

So it was back to the office to ring the hospital and ambulance and in between make numerous calls back to Rob to confirm times (or ETA as we say here) and any status updates. Finally they arrived at the wharf with the patient - a young Fillipino ship's cook who had fallen down a set of stairs and broken his knee.

The focus had been completely taken off me and onto something else, or I should say someone else, more in need. Once the ambulance drove away Rob and I walked back arm in arm, pleased with a job well done - team work. And let's not forget the crew who carefully and expertly transferred the young man from ship to boat in a manouvre that would have been rather hair raising to say the least.

And what was my reward for a job well done? Well dinner at the Jardine of course :) Yes, we both made a choice yesterday - I chose to not blame Rob for how I was feeling and to take some time out for me to nourish my soul and to get back in tune with myself. And he chose (wisely) to do something special with me on a Saturday night.

Making better choices - life is good.

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