Monday, July 19, 2010


Yesterday I started a job, a real job :) I'm working for TSIREC - Torres Strait Islanders' Regional Educational Council. I'm the assistant to the business manager and will be for the next four weeks. TSIREC is organising a forum called "Selecting Informed Choices" which they will take to all the schools on the outer islands in the Torres Strait - 16 campuses.

The aim of the forum is to meet with both parents and kids to convince them of the need for the children to continue on to high school. To this end, we have a travelling troupe which will fly to each island, set up at the local school or community centre, host a BBQ and then give a presentation.

My job is to organise the flights (light planes and helicopters), arrange for accommodation, organise the catering and make sure it all happens on the day ..... from here on T.I. As stated in a previous post "I will never ever get into a helicopter ever again" or words to that effect. I must admit after I'd accepted the job and we were discussing travel I had a momentary panic attack thinking that maybe I was one of the travelling troupe.

I'm quite enjoying it, the whole work thing - going to an office, being so busy that you don't notice the time, feeling productive, feeling professional. I left all my corporate wear back home - didn't know what I would be doing here, and anyway it's T.I. - they dress casually. But I do like to dress up for work so I'm being very creative with what I've got - it's surprising what a scarf and dressy shoes can do to an outfit :)

The job is casual hours and at this stage I'll be working three days a week for the next four weeks. But for now, I'm day 2 into the job and all I know is that I want to give it my best shot. And at all times I need to remember that this is T.I. and anything that I do will happen faster and ..... well - it will just happen.

Who knows where this will lead to? Will it lead to someting else? Whatever happens I can add this to my T.I. experience - and to my CV. And I hope too that if Katie needs help again, she will ask me. And if she knows of anyone who needs an assistant, she will recommend me.

But in the meantime, getting back into the office - life is busy.

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  1. Well it sounds like a "projects manager" type job and you go for it